Some one has said in the past that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have put these pictures here to tell a story. The story of what
every Vietnam Vet saw while he was there. Some of the pictures I have found in US Army
Archives, some I have found on the web, a few I have taken. They download slow, but the wait is worth it
The above picture in my mind is a tribute to all medics.  Notice he is engrossed in one thing, His Patient !
You might notice the heavy bush, this is where most of the sudden action took place.
Above is from the archives, I have no idea who the young soldier is.
Notice the plastic bottle on the helment. ( OLD MEMORIES ? ) how about
the log he's behind. Looks like a big bomb exploded close to that tree.
remember those big craters after a B29 run?
Above also from the archives, same unit also. No starched jungle fatigues
here ! I wonder ,did ever those neat camouflaged fatigues ever get down to the line units?
Where ? Unit ? This could have been any Inf unit in Vietnam, I know that each of you can remember that 1st ride as if it was yesterday.
WHERE? Could have been any where. What ?, looks like a artillery unit,with perhaps a new Inf unit being brought in for security ?
From the archives, no information. The picture can be dated by the type of M16.
If you were there in 65-66 this is the one you carried. Yeh the one that jammed
so much. ( remember the 1st thing you did when setting up position? ) get out
the cleaning rod ! Looks like the one of them is jammed right now !
Anyone ever open a case of Cs with this M16?