1.  does not nor has it ever encouraged violence in movies or video games

2. does not nor did it ever encourage using schools to raise children or to teach them family values

3. has never glorified drug use or gang members nor the so called music that does

Liberal Polices

Does encourage violence and for the past forty years have laughed at concerned parents who have objected to the glorification of drugs and violence being spewed out of Hollywood like shit from a sewer pipe

Violent video games, when parents complained they were laughed down "just part of life"

Have stripped parents of their duty to raise their families, instead the government has decided that children should be brainwashed to reflect liberal atheism.

Teaching the young the difference between right and wrong is
something the failed liberal policies didn't even bother trying.

When the young do something that shock our senses liberals are quick to point
their fingers at the parents, if that fails like a rabid dog they attack anything in sight

Better they look in the mirror and then take the honorable way out
Japanese style