November 6 2012
Freedom died a little this day
The death of our nation is now assured

Our country fought a bitter civil war many years ago
brother pitted against brother, neighbors against neighbor
When the smoke cleared and the battles ceased no one had really won.

As the slow healing process started eventually a winner did emerge
That winner was our nation

November 6th 2012 our nation was dealt a mortal blow
not on the battlefield but by cowards, fools and thieves

I recently received a email from a 458th Vet
"well meaning" but wrote by a over educated blind fool that voted for Obama
in his blathering he stated no one man can bring down our country
this was the only thing he said that was correct.

My reply simply was
One man did not bring down this country  61,164,405 votes did!

Regardless if these votes came from dead people, fools or parasites our country was dealt a mortal blow
she will not die easy and not in my lifetime, but our country is dead

Like vultures devouring a dead animal the parasites will continue to suck the life blood from this once great nation.
Its death throes will not be pretty, world history will call it our 2nd civil war, as before it will be brothers and neighbors against each other.

The shame is we have been warned many times in the past