Indian  Country 1965-67
Blue lines=Charlie Company daytime main patrol area when we were back in Lai Khe
Red Line = Charlie company night ambush patrol area when we were in Lai Khe

65-66 it was sop that a platoon day patrol (daylight to late afternoon) would drop off one ambush squad partway through the patrol,  this squad would be waiting for any of the bad guys who were following.
Dec 2008, I had a good chuckle today, was doing some web surfing and found my map (below) on a chat room type site.

Some of the kids that were there in 68-70 didn't think the areas that I had marked were correct. Looking back I can understand why
as the 1st 18th months we lived in squad bunkers on the line, barracks and running water for the grunt companies didn't appear until sometime in the early 70's, even then they remained mostly empty,  regarding the red circle with the X  when we were back at Lai Khe
and not slated for ambush patrol or guard duty this was our (charlie company) R&R area. Everyone else stayed out including the MPs
someday I might print the story about a MP jeep patrol that drove into the area one evening in April 66. They didn't stay very long :-)