What would I do

This is a question that's been on my mind several years now, and I honestly don't know, perhaps a few of
you old soldiers can help me figger this problem out.  What would you do?


You are a enlisted man in the United States military, you and your unit are sent TDY to a foreign government.

You and your unit will take orders from this foreign government and wear the uniform of this foreign government.

Consider seriously the predicament you could find yourself in, if gave a order to attack innocent civilians, in the U.S. military we know that we would be protected if we refused any such order.

Consider if you refused to obey orders from a foreign government or refused to wear a foreign uniform.

By now many of you know where I'm going with these questions, but some of you don't. Some of you will be surprised to know that this has happened in the past. And yes this can happen again.

I am referring to SP4 Michael New and his refusal to wear the United Nations uniform when orders from President Bill Clinton instructed Michael's unit  to travel to Macedonia wearing the UN uniform and under direct command of UN officers.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that New was 100 percent correct in his actions, but this still goes back to the one and only question of any importance. What would we do?

U.S. Soldier Court Martialed for Refusing to Abandon His Oath!

After bringing yourself up to speed would you please come back and take the below simple poll?

As you take this poll keep in mind that President Bush has said nothing like this would ever happen as long as he is president.

Also keep in mind that President Bush has not taken any steps to insure that future presidents do not turn control of our military over to a foreign goverment

Thank You

What would you do?
I'm not sure
I would do as SP4 New
I would obey orders
SP4 New was wrong

Dec 1997