July 2001

Today for the 1st time I watched a movie about the war in Vietnam,  (Platoon)(Platoon)

What a crock of shit that movie is. The biggest thing wrong with this movie is that
non combatants will watch this and believe this was the way it was.  I do not speak for every unit in Vietnam, but very few of the so-called actors if they had been soldiers would have lasted two days in a Black Lions platoon. They would have had the shit beat out of them and if that didn't work they would have been transferred. These so called soldiers not only being misfits, in a combat situation they would endanger every man in their unit.

example; they find a base camp, cooking fires, teapots simmering and our hero's are lounging around smoking and bull-shiting like they were on R&R.

For you that study military history, if you have studied any length of time you know to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. (in this case nothing you see)

This so-called movie is nothing but a insult to the men who fought that war, at best
a tribute to the Saigon Warriors, which I suspect wrote the damn script.

Lee Helle